A Perfect Week

Sepotong kisah dari How I met Your Mother, my fav episode: A perfect week..


Hello, Friends
Every sport has had an icon who transcends the game. Boxing had Ali, Basketball had Jordan, and the sport of sleeping with random hotties has my next guest, Mr. Barney Stinson.

Barney: It all started when I decided to set myself a little challenge. Whatever girl I’m pointing to right now, that’s who I’m going home with tonight.

Lily: wow, 3 girls in 3 nights. that’s gross even for Barney.
Ted: Gross? Are you kidding? He’s on his way to a perfect..
Marshall: Dont say it! You’ll jinx it.

A Perfect week is seven night, seven girls, no rejection.

You learned the hard way, though.. one mistake, and it’s all over.
Sometimes, a teammate makes an error.
Sometimes, you just lose focus.
And that almost always leads to a hit!!

Barney: I could do no wrong, but then came night five, and with it, Trouble.
Ted: he needs a bro help.

You don’t jinx a man going for a perfect week.

“There is no such thing as a j!nx”
(Redaksi) Never, ever, ever, say that!!

And that’s when Aunt Lily realized what’s great about sports:
“They take your mind off your troubles, if only for a moment. And deep down, we all needed that perfect week.”

Barney said, "I did it!!"

Barney: I did it!! I couldn’t have done it without my teammates.



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